İZA MAKINA has always been a forward-looking company in the sector that reflects its ongoing knowledge and experience for three generations.

İZA Makina was founded by İzzet AKILLI in Çorum, İskilip province and it has always been a company aiming to do better in the sector with its knowledge and experience accumulated for three generations.

İZA Makina always increased the range of its products and has always tried to produce environment friendly machines.


IZA Makina, which meets your needs in the best and fastest manner with the experience gained from our establishment until today and the investments we make, will be at your side with you.



  • Being a company that creates value for our customers and employees,

  • To keep the morale values of our employees at the highest level,

  • To fulfill our responsibilities to people, nature and universal values,

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level for every developing situation by serving with our high quality standards,

  • According to the new realities brought by the information age, in order to enable our customers to provide their rights and needs at the highest level.



  • We surprise our customers, we inspire them,

  • To open up new horizons in the sector by expanding our expertise areas in all products we produce,

  • To keep the satisfaction of our customers and our employees at the highest level by overcoming the increasing needs and expectations,

  • To our customers, to our employees, to our business partners and to collecting our highest level of values by creating leadership in the market for generations to continue,

  • We inform our customers at the highest level of their rights and responsibilities in accordance with the law, and encourage them to share information in the context of our education.

  • We work with our employees together with our code of ethics to work ethically.

  • We aim to achieve zero accidents and injuries. We provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees.