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İZA MAKİNA increases its knowledge and experience day by day, which has been going on for three generations .
engineering has always been a forward company in the industry, Seeing the lack of domestic manufacturers in sectors and markets such as industrial machinery, recycling  aimed at customer satisfaction with its innovative vision in these areas.

Our company, which is known for the importance it gives to quality and after-sales support services, continues to be built in Çorum Organized Industry. Enlarges its production targets in its new factory. IZA Makina, which increases its product range day by day has always taken care to produce nature-friendly machines.Since our establishment until today, İZA MAKİNA will be with you whenever you need it, meeting your needs in the best and fastest way with the experience we have gained and the infrastructure investments we have made. iZA MAKina continues its R&D studies to add a new one to the recycling machines it offers to you every day. The first point of attention in the machines we produce is that they always have an environmentally friendly structure.
Our environmentally friendly machines are equipped with features that will facilitate your work and accelerate the growth of your business.  Our company has indexed special production rather than mass production and always keeps its R&D laboratories and equipment at the highest level in order to respond to the problems in the world in terms of machinery. Thanks to our customer demands and our research team, the machines we have produced are exported to 25 countries as of today.


By offering innovative and well designed products, by the help of its production capabilities, İZA MAKİNA has a steadily growing global market share which exports to more than 25 countries.

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