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High-end rotor




IZA MACHINERY has been established in order to manufacture machines used in recycling plants and spare parts for these machines.

Nowadays, with the help of its experienced staff, İZA MACHINERY  has increased its knowledge and experience and strengthened its infrastructure. İZA MACHINERY is a shining star with its R & D activities in the sector. As a result of R & D studies to increase the production quality, to determine cost reduction systems and to develop new production technologies, so the scope of our company has expanded; we are manufacturing for recycling sectors such as crushing, shredding, composite, copper honeycomb.

Our mission is: with our expert staff, our quality production processes, with our know-how and experience from three generations to present;  to provide the best products and services, continuous development for our clients. 

Image by Hans Ripa

What are you looking for?

Our company has indexed special production rather than mass production and always keeps its R&D laboratories and equipment at the highest level in order to respond to the problems in the world in terms of machinery.

Thanks to our customer demands and our research team, the machines we have produced are exported to 25 countries as of today.



İZA Machine blade geometry is the latest technology. Square knives with Iza machine quality have a much longer life. 

Patented VR-rotor; Compared to flat and spiral rotors, it can process less friction, less heating and higher capacity. In addition , different rotor types are used in specially designed shredders .

V - R ROTOR GÖRSELI (T2) copy.png
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